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Protection, Adaptation and Resilience

Anthropogenic climate change is a ubiquitous phenomenon, not an isolated event. Better prevention, response and recovery technologies, policies, procedures, tools and techniques are required to fight climate change and its most pernicious effect, catastrophic wildfires. Large-scale and more intense community wildfires are becoming an increasing global concern. Recent wildfires between 2015 and 2020 have taken hundreds of human lives, hundreds of millions of animal lives, destroyed tens of thousands of units of structures, burnt tens of millions of acres of land, emitted hundreds of millions of metric tons of GHG into the atmosphere and caused trillions of dollars of economic damages globally. Wildfires sometimes can cause irreversible ecological impacts related to soil degradation, water scarcity and biodiversity loss. Besides many other, utility assets are potential sources of ignition and vegetations are sources of fuel. Therefore, both potential ignition and fuel sources need to be monitored and controlled effectively to prevent catastrophic community wildfires.

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State-of-the-art Remote Sensing technologies (LiDAR, SAR and imagery etc.) from Satellite, Aircraft and Surface Vehicle platforms have coarse spatial and temporal resolutions and high lag time between environmental data collection, processing and sharing actionable intelligence for the spatially fixed utility assets and surrounding vegetation management teams. Real or near real-time monitoring of utility physical assets (infrastructure) and operating environment is essential to prevent and respond to utility asset and vegetation-ignited wildfires before catastrophic destructions.

We provide comprehensive Wildfire Mitigation Plan (WMP) compliance and mitigation assurance evaluation services in light of the California legislations, SB 901, AB 111 and AB 1054 and applicable Public Utilities Codes (PU Codes), General Orders (GOs), Rules and Resolutions. Our evaluation program is the most comprehensive including all major categories of typical WMP initiatives, Risk Mapping and Simulation, Situational Awareness and Forecasting, Grid Design and System Hardening, Asset Management and Inspections, Vegetation Management and Inspections, Grid Operations and Protocols, Data Governance, Resource Allocation Methodology, Emergency Planning and Preparedness and Stakeholder Cooperation and Community Engagement. Our energy infrastructure wildfire safety inspection for regulatory compliance services is in alignment with Green Grid’s Electronworthiness™ service standard. This service standard provides our customers with higher value and peace of mind. Our testing, analysis, evaluation and inspection of your electric power grids, transmission lines, substations, generators, solar panels, fuel cells, wind turbines and storage, will allow us to determine if they meet the ELECTRONWORTHINESS™ certification and quality standards.

Our revolutionary utility asset and vegetation management and wildfire mitigation cyber-physical system, Instant Situational Insights™ for Utilities™, iSIU™ is a comprehensive solution. It is a patented (U.S. Patent Nos. 10,880,623; and 11,475,385; Australia Patent No. 2021236591; U.S. Patent Publication No. 2021/0073692 A1; and other patents pending) Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered smart sensors network system resulting from our decades of real-life operational experience. Utility asset and vegetation O&M professionals, public safety professionals, firefighters, first responders, natural resource protectors, forest owners, building owners, public and regulatory authorities can benefit from adopting iSIU™. It is a new way of solving a century old opportunity.

INSTANT SITUATIONAL INSIGHTS™ and ISIU™ incorporate advanced data analytics capabilities that can significantly enhance utilities’ condition-based network maintenance operations to assure assets are optimized safely, uniquely and individually to their changing operational and environmental situations for failure, ignition and outage risks reduction. These asset, vegetation and wildfire management consulting services include technology-enabled field inspections, data and image collection, data and image analysis and electronic reporting. 

iSIU™ is a uniquely awesome fusion of pan-tilt-zoom optical (active and passive) and environmental smart sensors, AI algorithms, telemetry, cloud and mobile computing technologies. Each iSIU™ node is georeferenced, automatically providing AI-detected and analyzed objects and hazard alerts and live video feeds to the users. It is capable of activating and guiding a fleet of connected autonomous aerial systems (UAS) for early hazard assessment and response for enhanced public safety.

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iSIU™ enables condition-based asset and vegetation management with automated early detection of powerline physical failures, vegetation encroachment and ignition hazards to prevent utility ignited catastrophic wildfires. Utilities, firefighting and public safety workforce can further reduce catastrophic wildfire incidence and extent, and service outage risks by adopting this new and revolutionary solution into their office and field operations. Please watch the iSIU™ system explainer and sample computer vision AI algorithm videos below and subscribe to our channel by clicking the green and gold “G” on the upper left corner of a video frame.

iSIU™ is a scalable, extensible and cost-effective way to extend the capabilities of existing wildfire mitigation and public safety workforce. It provides a comprehensive and visual picture of the utility network operating environment in real-time. Risk-based prioritization of sensor nodes installation allows quick adoption and future expansion. Detailed risk assessment and installation location prioritization consider major factors related to ignition probability and impact, fire spread potential and impact, detection ability and response capabilities. Local citizens may also request such installation via the iSIU™ interactive map portal.

iSIU™ protects communities from preventable ignition events caused by utility assets and other potential sources. It helps reduce the scale and duration of the electrical utility’s public safety power shutoff (PSPS) in extreme weather events. It enhances wildfire safety regulatory enforcement, compliance and provides peace of mind to the utility professionals, firefighters and public.

It costs significantly lower per line-mile or unit of asset than any state-of-the-art utility asset and vegetation management and wildfire risk mitigation remote sensing technologies. Whether you need a single node or thousands of nodes system, we are here to help.

iSIU™ monitors, detects and alerts hazards, ignitions and community wildfires early and rapidly. It is automatic, efficient, effective and accurate than the state-of-the-art technologies in this domain. It is essential for building more adapting and resilient communities, in particular those of us are most exposed to growing concern of community wildfires.

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iSIU™ is transformative, transgressing genres, challenging expectations and seeking out the industry leaders and stakeholders who want to experience something that matters, instead of something that’s merely traditional.

It is unrivaled, it has no comparison, there is only one!

Please download a short iSIU™ brochure here and/or request a customer demo meeting here.

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