Precision Agriculture

While more and more crops will be required to meet the demand of growing global population, excessive use of pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, fertilizers, water and genetic modifications is negatively impacting our ecology. Monitoring, detecting, and managing crop plant vitality, disease, stress, nutrition and yield parameters effectively and efficiently is a global agricultural challenge. Technological and cultural solutions are required to reduce negative impact on the ecology from agricultural activities. GGI provides spectral sensors and artificial intelligence (convolution neural network)-derived unique solutions for safer, efficient and effective farming operations. These solutions result in consistently higher crop yield, better quality crop and lesser usage of chemicals, water and energy in agricultural operations by removing the following state-of-the-art barriers.

  • Millions of acres need to be monitored for early indications of biotic and abiotic crop plant stress manually
  • Low spatial resolution satellite imagery does not provide useful information at desired temporal resolution
  • Manned aircraft systems do not produce desired results at reasonable cost
  • Small Unmanned aircraft system (sUAS) are not capable of large area monitoring in practical manner
Integrating technologies, proprietary algorithms and software codes to automate and enhance these field operations for global food security
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